Commenting and Republication Guidelines


The IPTLS would love to hear from readers and be a medium for a conversation, through the comments section. However, the following guidelines would be required to be followed by readers –

– The blogposts published are those of the authors alone and is not representative of the views held by the IPTLS or by the university.

– Comments should not be personal in nature, nor should they contain expletives. Comments are meant to initiate conversation, not meant to attack anyone. Therefore, we are in full favour of comments wherein readers express disagreement with the arguments advanced by the authors. At the same time, a level of formality of expected in all comments.

– Comments may be removed by the administrators of the IPTLS Blog if they are personal or if they are not related to the concerned blogpost in any manner.

– Any person may write to the IPTLS for removal of a comment. However, such a person must provide reasons from asking for such removal. Further, removal will be undertaken under the discretion of the administrators and the IPTLS.



The IPTLS would love if reliance was placed on blogposts on the IPTLS blog. However, any republication should include mention of the author of the blogpost, the IPTLS and a link to the original post on the IPTLS blog.