IPTLS Monthly October 2017

We are pleased to present the third and final issue of IPTLS Monthly for this Semester —IPTLS Monthly – October. In this issue, we explore a wide variety of topics including drones that charge wirelessly, updates on Eminem’s copyright infringement suit and the Internship at FICCI.

The Editors of this issue are Rishabh Mohnot and Himani Shah. The following students have made contributions to this issue — Vardhit Singhania, Jasel Mundhra, Anjanesh Vatsa, Adya Jha, Swarnima Mukherjee, Anushka Mehrotra, Tanusmita Ghosal and Ravi Shankar. We would also like to acknowledge Shivani Kabra for her piece on ‘Dramatic Works in Copyright Law’, this month’s leading question.

The IPTLS monthly is a very short compilation of intellectual property and technology news in India and from around the world. It also briefly discusses interesting case law, either decided or pending adjudication, and provides a leading opinion which encourages the readers to further get acquainted with recent jurisprudential trends.
Our aim is to introduce and encourage people to explore this area of law at an earlier stage of law school. We encourage participation and feedback from the GB on how we can make this initiative even better.



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